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Shanna Simpson Photography offers high school seniors a PERSONALIZED senior portrait experience that is unmatched in the Louisville Kentucky or Southern Indiana areas.


Hey ya’ll! I’m quirky, sassy and love taking photos of high school seniors! I’m located in the heart of the Crescent Hill Neighborhood in Louisville, KY.

My number one goal is making sure you feel comfortable and that we get images that show off exactly who you are RIGHT NOW! That may include me making a total fool of myself and that is totally ok.
Be ready to have fun. You may even come out of your shell a little bit!

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Kelsey’s Fall Maternity Photo Session in Louisville

Kelsey and David's Maternity session was like something just out of a magazine with the warm colors of fall. They were like I just called and ordered up two models. Kelsey and I had been trying to get this session together for some time. Getting the right outfit...

You CAN love your drape picture

You CAN love your drape picture

You can have better Senior Drape Photos than what you're getting!! Every year we hear the same thing. "I absolutely hate my drape photo." We hear it from high school seniors all over Louisville. Why? Because these "studios" that are doing the  traditional yearbook...

Senior Sports with Attitude

Senior Sports with Attitude

Senior pictures are supposed to be fun and show off who you are and what you are in to. Carly is one seriously busy girl. She not only plays lacrosse, but is also the captain of the field hockey team. She is usually the sweet, giggly girl, and that is what we captured...


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