Step 1: Book Your Session

First things first, you have to decide which session is right for you!! You have a lot to choose from, don’t worry, we have just the right one for you! Once you narrow it down, send us an email with a handful of dates that work for you and we will get you scheduled.

Step 2: Your Senior Photoshoot

Come ready to have fun – that is what it’s all about you know. I mean, getting you stunning images is the end goal, but having fun is what we do! It’s time to relax and let the “you shine through”.

Step 3: Image Reveal

Seeing your photos for the first time!!! The image reveal could be one of my favorite things ever!  About a week after your portraits you get to come back in and see your images on the big screen. This is where you get to choose all of your beautiful prints and products.

Step 4: Product Pick up

A few weeks after your reveal you will come in to pick up your beautiful prints and products. This day is almost as exciting as the image reveal because you get to see the custom products you put together.

When choosing which session is right for you, you have tons of options. We have our Chic, Luxe and Couture senior picture packages that we have had for years. These packages include the time and talent of the photographer, and hair/ makeup artist. All prints and products as sold separately. We are now also offering pre-paid all inclusive packages. These packages include time and talent of photographer, hair/makeup artist and a set number of digital images.







The bliss collection is for the client who knows they want digital images. Choosing this prepaid package gives you the digital images at a discounted price. Don’t worry, all of the bliss packages still include the image reveal, for you to come in and view your images. Purchased individually, a single digital image is $125.

Makenzie Butler Senior Photo