Christina and David Family Photos

This is one of those posts where you really don’t know where to start, or where it will end up, or how many tears will be shed while writing it.

Really when all it needs to be is here, look at my beautiful friend and her family, aren’t they stunning? And show you some pretty pictures, and BAM. But so much more needs to be said. 

I met Christina a lifetime ago. Really. It seems like it. We were young. We were fun. (I mean we still are…… 😂) We were introduced to one another by our dear friend Karen. Karen was the shy one of the group. I’m not really sure she knew what she was doing when she introduced me to Christina. We are literally two peas in a pod. We laugh in sync, I mean some people may describe it as a cackle, but being around this girl brings me joy. You know when you meet someone and you instantly have a connection with them? You feel like you’ve known them a lifetime? Or even lifetimes upon lifetimes? That is how it is with Christina. She is the friend that it doesn’t matter how long you go in between seeing each other, it seems just like yesterday and you pick up where you left off. 

A little over a year ago we lost our sweet Karen. Our world will never be the same. Her smile was simply infectious. I know you know someone like that. They smile and the room lights up? That was her. She brought so much love and light to our lives. So much that I could never express or thank her for.  One huge thing, introducing me to Christina. Christina was one of the calls that I had to make on the day of Karen’s death. One of the worst calls of my life. Before Karen’s funeral, it had been a while since Christina and I had hung out. No reason other than life. Life is busy. Life is hard. We are both business owners. (BTW, if you are in need of a massage, which EVERYONE needs, then go see my girl at Evolve) The day of the funeral, Christina picked right up where we left off. She knew what I needed. She helped me with my daughter. She was there. Christina, she is one of my people.

David and Greyson, well…. They come with the package. I’m kidding. Well, I mean they do, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They really are one of those picture perfect families. David would give the shirt off of his back for anyone. One of the most caring and genuine guys (get it… GUYS…) ever. Greyson is a ham. This kid impresses me every time I am around him. From his manners to the things he can do. His driving skills out weigh mine no questions asked. He’s determined to make a country girl out of my daughter yet! 

There is a special kind of honor you get when a friend CHOOSES you to take their photos. Well, I guess really anyone.  It is an awesome thing that I get to do. To take photographs of families and seniors. To take pictures of babies and kids. There are so many photographers in the Louisville area that when I GET TO do what I love, I am thankful. 

Fair warning…. If you ever get the two of us together. There will be cackling. It will be loud.