You can have better Senior Drape Photos than what you’re getting!!

Every year we hear the same thing. “I absolutely hate my drape photo.” We hear it from high school seniors all over Louisville. Why? Because these “studios” that are doing the  traditional yearbook photos, really could careless about what you look like in your photo. They have the contract already. They are getting paid regardless. They already have it in their mind, if the parent wants a “drape (or tux) photo” they are going to purchase it regardless if they like it or not. It’s their baby’s senior photo.

Well… That is NOT how I look at it. I look at a senior yearbook photo as something everyone is going to look through as soon as the yearbooks come out next May. I look at it as something you’re wanting to post to Instagram right now and show off how great you look. I look at it as something you’re going to want to show off to your children one day when they pull out the old yearbook. And maybe because this is hitting home with me right now as my 20 year reunion is quickly approaching, I look at it as something that is going to be pinned on you at your reunion that people is recognize you from in years to come.  Yes this is something that somewhat visually defines you right now, for this part of your life. (that is what Senior Pictures are all about of course) Why not make sure that you look your best?

We make sure that you look exactly what you want to look like. I literally shoot as many photos as it takes until you are happy with it. I show you right then and there, none of this waiting weeks to see if you like it or not. We try a couple different angles to see which one you prefer.

After that, I take care of the rest. I send it off to your school and make sure everything is taken care of from there. I also post the photo of you on Instagram for you. YOU KNOW you want everyone to see how amazing your drape is, you’re going to be the talk of the school! The cost for that is $50. There is no obligation to purchase photos, but of course there is always the opportunity if you wish.

Deadlines for yearbook submissions are getting close, so hurry up! BUT.. also remember even if it is past your yearbook deadline, you can still get a drape photo taken, you can have one image in the yearbook, and one image that you purchase. If you have missed the deadline for your yearbook submission, you can still have your photo done here and your parents purchase the photo that you love from here. It’s better to have the picture that you love hanging on your wall for the next 20 years isn’t it? 🙂 

Are you ready to love your traditional senior photo?

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