Senior pictures are supposed to be fun and show off who you are and what you are in to. Carly is one seriously busy girl. She not only plays lacrosse, but is also the captain of the field hockey team. She is usually the sweet, giggly girl, and that is what we captured in the rest of her senior photos, but we wanted something a little different for her sports photos. Something a little more…. sassy. I told her she was going to have to give me some attitude. “Give me some sass.” Which if you’ve met me, you know I have no problem giving at any time. She told me she didn’t know what that meant. “GIRL…. give me your best RBF”

“Ahhh I can do that!” And the rest was history. Of course we still have the amazing smiles and laughing throughout the sports part of her session, it wouldn’t be her without them. However, this does show off the down and dirty, determined to win side of things a little more.