Meet this amazing little guy named Lucas. He is a member of our Baby Program. His mommy and I had been talking for a few weeks while she was expecting and we were so excited about his session. As you know, usually I get my newborns into the studio before they reach 10 days. This little guy had a rough entry into the world, after having open heart surgery and recovering with flying colors we were able to get Lucas in for his session right at 4 weeks I believe it was. He was perfect.  Shanna Simpspon_0097Shanna Simpspon_0096Shanna Simpspon_0095Shanna Simpspon_0094Shanna Simpspon_0101Shanna Simpspon_0100Shanna Simpspon_0099Shanna Simpspon_0098Lucas is now 7 months old… be on the look out for his most recent session with Shanna Simpson Photography