Thats pretty much the only way I can sum up this session. Gayle (mama) and I had been planning this session for months. Literally. I met Gayle and I met when we were both pregnant over 6 years ago. She worked at my bank, and we would always compare our maternity journey. Come to find out, we delivered on the same day, and our girls (well her oldest girl) share a birthday. As I was photographing them, her husband says to me, you look really familiar. We used to ride the bus and go to school together. Small world!! (well… Louisville is known for being the smallest big city ever… lol)

Anyways… on to this session, we had already had to reschedule due to to weather, and now that it was shooting day… It looked BEAUTIFUL outside…. too bad it was FREEZING…. We decided to shoot anyways, and I am so glad we did. It was windy. It was cold, but I am telling you what, these three little girls BROUGHT IT!! Brought their sass, brought their smiles and brought their personalities. They were great! Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0360Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0361Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0362Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0363Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0364Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0365Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0366Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0367Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0368Shanna Simpson Louisville Photographer_0369