Kelsey and David’s Maternity session was like something just out of a magazine with the warm colors of fall. They were like I just called and ordered up two models. Kelsey and I had been trying to get this session together for some time. Getting the right outfit together. It’s hard to help the mama to be to pick out the right dress without meeting them. Without seeing them. Without knowing their shape, their form, their style, THEIR BUMP.  Sometimes depending on shape, height, roundness, etc., we have to go with more “flowier” dresses sometimes we have to go with more form fitting dresses. It really is hard to go through all of this over the phone. She had a vision of her perfect maternity photo session in her head. She was hoping for some snow on the ground (and in my mind I was thinking, “girl, are you crazy?!? I HATE the cold”). She had it all planned out. She knew what over all look she wanted. When we were going over what to wear and she was explaining to me this gorgeous burgundy maternity gown that she was purchasing. She asked what her husband should wear. She asked if his shirt should have burgundy in it as well.

When deciding what to wear for pictures, you don’t have to match. You do not have to have on the same color. You want to coordinate. You want to complicate each other. You want to think about the same color family, the same tone. When I explained this to Kelsey, she replied with, “Do you think David should wear a dark blue suit?”

Yes. Yes I do. Instantly I was in love. I couldn’t wait for their session. I knew it was going to be amazing. To me, every new client I get is like a new present. You never know what you are going to get. You never know if you’re going to mesh well with them. You never know if it’s going to be fun or if the session is going to go how you want. When David and Kelsey got to the studio that day, it was like I opened a brand new iphone (isn’t that what the kids are wanting these days?) 🎁🎁


You can’t tell by these photos that they were taken a week before Christmas. We have had some unusual winter weather here in Louisville for sure. She was hoping that maybe we would get a little bit of a dusting of snow but that didn’t happen. I think that is the only thing that could have made these photos any more perfect. Louisville has had some crazy weather this year. I actually think two days later it snowed. Just a little.. And that is the only dusting that we have gotten all year. 

Also, meet Ollie. He really was such a good boy! I was so worried he was going to get muddy, but he stayed right by us and made sure to model for the photos! He was a real ham, and added a lot of personality to the shoot. Not only did he ummm… do his business in the background of the VERY first shot…. (I’ll be sure to put that in this post too for your amusement) but he likes to run full force when you least expect it. Like when you’ve been calling his name and he doesn’t answer, so you don’t sit up just one time…. JUST ONE TIME when you call his name…. and he knocks you down. Oh well… I got the shot and that’s all that matters right? A lot of times when client’s tell me they are bringing their dog, they aren’t so well behaved, but Ollie added a lot to the maternity session and I know will be a great big brother.