I have to admit, sometimes the “tweens” are kind of hard to shoot. Boys even more so than girls. Usually they just don’t want to be there, and it shows in the photos, and it makes for us photographers to really have to work hard. The Vinegar boys were the exact opposite of this. I am sure that having their photo taken on a Saturday wasn’t exactly what they WANTED to do, but they made the most of it, and let me get some great stuff! Louisville-baby-photographer_0079Shanna Simpspon_0080Shanna Simpspon_0081Shanna Simpspon_0082Shanna Simpspon_0083These guys were hilarious, and definitely let their personalities show…. exactly how a photo shoot should go!Shanna Simpspon_0084Shanna Simpspon_0085They even let me put them to work holding my reflectorShanna Simpspon_0086PS Thanks Robert for the behind the scenes shots!