This is a post about a BIRTH… not just the newborn… but the actual birth…. continue at your own leisure, of course nothing is inappropriate, but some may not be comfortable….

Since I have become a photographer, I have wanted to photograph a birth. Shoot, who am I kidding, since I can remember I’ve wanted to witness a birth. I really can’t remember how the conversation came up about me photographing Jessie’s birth, but I was so stoked. I was amazed as I watched this woman go through this birthing process naturally. For those of you who know me, I had a 8 pound 15 ounce baby by c-cection, no laboring at all… So all of this LABOR thing was totally new to me and I was amazed, and TOTALLY honored to be able to not only experience it, but capture it for this amazing couple.


Nori Alana Powell:

Birth PhotographyShanna_Simpson_0060Shanna_Simpson_0061Shanna_Simpson_0062Shanna_Simpson_0063Shanna_Simpson_0065Shanna_Simpson_0066Shanna_Simpson_0068Shanna_Simpson_0069Shanna_Simpson_0070Shanna_Simpson_0071Shanna_Simpson_0072Shanna_Simpson_0073Shanna_Simpson_0074Shanna_Simpson_0075Shanna_Simpson_0076Shanna_Simpson_0077Shanna_Simpson_0078Shanna_Simpson_0079Shanna_Simpson_0080Shanna_Simpson_0081Shanna_Simpson_0082Shanna_Simpson_0083Shanna_Simpson_0084Shanna_Simpson_0085Shanna_Simpson_0086This was such an amazing experience! Jessie delivered at Clark Memorial Hospital, and they were AMAZING… simply AMAZING….