One day last year sometime I ran across a blog post from fellow Louisville Photographer, Courtney Reece, about 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days.

I decided to jot down some things I wanted to accomplish, or try. I never made it to 101, Actually Think I stopped at 40 or something, and I didn’t write down my start date, but I guess that is besides the point as well.

Some of the things I wrote down were silly, like trying a “raw diet” for a week or blog everyday for a month. (yeah we KNOW that isn’t going to happen)

But some of the things I wrote down were legit. Things I actually wanted to accomplish! like,

Paying off my Car thankfully we were able to do this, this summer and are now car payment free!!

Upgrading my photography equipment Upgraded from 7d with 40d as back up to 5DmkII and 5D as backup

Having engagement type photos taken of me and my husband, Jeff we did this while we were in Vegas in May

Shoot 20 weddings in a year in the past 12 months I have shot almost 30 weddings – 2nd shooting included

Have a studio space out side of the home This one is HUGE, I personally had this as a 5 year goal for my business. Opened the studio in May

Enter a photo contest – Still haven’t done this one, but did participate in a public critique session with one of my “Photography Idols” Julie Klaasmeyer

Attend a workshop that is not located in KY or IN – If you know anything about me, you know this one was accomplished. This March I did my first workshop I had to travel to. I went to St Louis to see Ali Hohn and her Rock that OCF workshop, I also have attended 2 After Dark Workshops. one in Charlotte and the other in Tucson

start taking vitamins everyday Still working on this one

2nd shoot for 8 different photographers: Haven’t quiet made it to 8, but have worked with some amazing ones this year, including Tammy Howell, Jim Meyer, Shane and Michelle Elliot with Studio E, and Todd Nichols,

I also got to work with Missy Brown, Joey Goldsmith and Clay Cook

Get a display in a public place A month or two ago, I was asked to decorate an entire OB/Gyn office with my work. I will be getting things up very soon

Visit a physic  I actually forgot this one was on the list, but did this two weeks ago

update Makiah’s baby book still need to do this

Start a retirement plan still need to do this

To have my photography published Haven’t accomplished this one yet either

Over all, I say that this year has been amazing. My family, my business, my life!! I cannot wait for 2012. As I posted on facebook earlier this week, I have a little less than 6 months before I turn 30.

What Can I accomplish by then??