Welcome to an insanely image packed blog post. I am slowly but surely catching up on the blog.

Meet Corey and Jessica.

I met them through a mutual friend, Clay Cook. Clay is a photographer, but was also a groomsman. I was honored when he asked me to shoot his friends wedding.
I have to admit, this wedding is one of my favorites that I have ever shot. The weather was perfect, the venue was beautiful and the wedding party was a blast. When you’re a wedding photographer, or at least in my case, I feel like I am more than a vendor. I spend more time with the bride on her wedding day than the groom does. There has to be a connection between the photographer and the Bride and Groom. Not only were Jessica and Corey so much fun to work with and let me just do my thing (surprisingly enough… not all bride and grooms do) but their wedding party was up for what ever I asked of them. Shanna Simpspon_0140Shanna Simpspon_0141Shanna Simpspon_0142Shanna Simpspon_0143Shanna Simpspon_0144Shanna Simpspon_0145Shanna Simpspon_0146Shanna Simpspon_0147Shanna Simpspon_0148Shanna Simpspon_0149Shanna Simpspon_0150Shanna Simpspon_0151Shanna Simpspon_0152Shanna Simpspon_0153Shanna Simpspon_0154Shanna Simpspon_0155Shanna Simpspon_0156Shanna Simpspon_0157Shanna Simpspon_0158Shanna Simpspon_0159Shanna Simpspon_0160Shanna Simpspon_0161Shanna Simpspon_0162Shanna Simpspon_0163Shanna Simpspon_0164Shanna Simpspon_0165Shanna Simpspon_0166Not only was Clay a Groomsman that day, he also assisted me 🙂 Shanna Simpspon_0167Shanna Simpspon_0168Shanna Simpspon_0169Shanna Simpspon_0170Shanna Simpspon_0171Shanna Simpspon_0172Shanna Simpspon_0173Shanna Simpspon_0174Shanna Simpspon_0175Shanna Simpspon_0176Shanna Simpspon_0177Shanna Simpspon_0178Shanna Simpspon_0179Shanna Simpspon_0180Shanna Simpspon_0181Shanna Simpspon_0182Shanna Simpspon_0183Shanna Simpspon_0184Shanna Simpspon_0185Shanna Simpspon_0186Shanna Simpspon_0187Shanna Simpspon_0188Shanna Simpspon_0189Shanna Simpspon_0190

Venue:  Peterson-Dumesnil House