You may think that owning a photography business means I am behind the camera 90% of the time. That is very far from the truth. Although shooting is obviously a big part of my business and what I do, but that is probably more like 20% of my workload. You have to factor in the “business part” of the business. (which I think all too often people that are just starting their “photography business” don’t realize)

Not only do I have to take the images, I have to edit them, blog them, have correspondence with my clients. I have to book, invoice, fulfill orders. Pay taxes, market my business etc etc

So, every once in a while, I just want to shoot. Now that I have this snazzy studio that I keep adding to, I just want to use it.

This is how I was able to shoot this ADORABLE little girl. I woke up and realized, “man I want to shoot today!!!” Posted on Facebook, free session today, Olivia’s mama commented and had her at the studio within the next few hours.

Olivia was not in the mood to take photos, which made me step out of the box a little and I LOVE the results!! Very well maybe some of my favorite images. 🙂