When Alison contacted me about doing her wedding in the Bahamas, I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait. I was way overdue for a vacation, had never been to the Bahamas… all this and get paid too? WOOHOO!!!!

We had everything set months in advance. Tickets, check. Room, check. Passport, check. Anyways you get the idea……

As time gets closer and closer…. there is a little storm that you may have heard of… Hurricane Sandy…. She decided she would make her own plans for us. I kept getting notifications that our flight had been delayed, then delayed again. I believe we left 3 or 4 days late. Alison and Craig were able to get out of Louisville, but then they got “stuck” in Miami. Once we finally get out of Louisville, through Atlanta, on to Nassau…… we thought we were doing good…. we’d be there soon. After grabbing our luggage, making it through customs, we are looking for the outgoing flights, the one to take us to Freeport. Umm… yeah…. Freeport was underwater and we weren’t going anywhere. The bride and groom still in Miami and we are now “stuck” in Nassau…. For two days. I mean I guess if there is anywhere you want to be stuck, Miami and Nassau are the places to do it. I felt horrible for the bride,  the wedding was supposed to be on Saturday and it had came and gone, it’s now Monday, and we are all just arriving to the island. The place was breathtaking. The resort that they had chosen was Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort .

Destination PhotographyShanna Simpspon_0113Shanna Simpspon_0114Shanna Simpspon_0115Shanna Simpspon_0116Shanna Simpspon_0117Shanna Simpspon_0118Shanna Simpspon_0119Shanna Simpspon_0120Shanna Simpspon_0121Shanna Simpspon_0122Shanna Simpspon_0123Shanna Simpspon_0124Shanna Simpspon_0125Shanna Simpspon_0126Shanna Simpspon_0127Shanna Simpspon_0128Shanna Simpspon_0129Shanna Simpspon_0130Shanna Simpspon_0131Shanna Simpspon_0132Shanna Simpspon_0133Shanna Simpspon_0134Shanna Simpspon_0135Shanna Simpspon_0136Shanna Simpspon_0137Shanna Simpspon_0138Shanna Simpspon_0139I hear lots of people having destination weddings, and they think that the HAVE to use the photographer that the resort supplies. There was a photographer there, it came with their package. If you are paying money to have a beach or any destination wedding for that matter, why would you let the resort pick who captures that special day for you? The “photographer” that was there for this wedding showed up about 5 mins before the ceremony and was out within 5 mins after the ceremony. Alison and Craig would not have had any of these beach images if they would have just went with the supplied photographer.