If you follow me at all, on FB, or twitter, you will hear about “AFTER DARK

Somehow, some photographers have still not heard of the remarkable education experience, known as After Dark.  Notice I say EXPERIENCE, and not conference or workshop. After Dark is unlike any other thing out there available for photographers.

I wish that I could remember the first time I heard about it. I remember thinking “Oh My GOSH, I have got to go to this”  When I had first heard about AD, they were on their way to New Orleans, LA, but unfortunately I was unable to attend that one, but a good friend went and told me about how awesome it was, and I was determined I was going to make it one soon. Next up was Cincinnatti, but I was out of town with family. Then comes Charlotte, YES, I was able to attend. I registered and couldn’t wait.

I studied the grid (the class schedule) and researched the mentors. I was sure, I had it all figured out and knew what to expect.  To say that I was blown away is a huge understatement.  I was excited to see some of my photography role models, and thought I might come home with a few new things.  I have to say that After Dark Charlotte changed my life. Not only did my business grow, but I also met some of my closet friends at that AD.

I have always looked up to Julie Klaasmeyer and her amazing work with newborns. Never in a MILLION years did I think that I would actually sit down and talk to her. I was expecting the room to be filled with hundreds of people and her talking at us, not to us. My newborn work has grown exponentially since then.

That’s the great thing about AD, the mentors are there as much for the experience and to learn as the attendees are. It is nothing to see the mentors in a “class” with another mentor when they are not teaching. Everyone is there to help, and the point to be there is to learn, so they encourage questions.

After Charlotte, came Tucson, then Dallas, back to Charlotte. Next is Kansas City. Yes KC will be my 5th After Dark. I believe in this experience so much that I have joined the “AD Team”

It really is hard to explain After Dark; but I will try 🙂
First you have PODS, a pod is set up with a couch, some chairs and  a big screen TV. This is where most of the post processing and  business “classes” are held. Next you have BAYS, a bay is basically a studio. YES there are about 10 of them set up. This is where the mentors EXPLAIN their set ups and posing.  And finally, you have LOCATIONS, on locations, you get to see the mentors in action somewhere other than the studio. This is where the show their lighting techniques for real life situations. There are multiple “classes” going on at once. So there is always something to do. Sometimes the hard thing is deciding what you want to attend most.

Everything at AD is hands on. Not like other places where you go and watch other people shoot. (I have attended workshops like that before) You DO, you LEARN.

So…. If you’re ready to jump start your business and see what AD is all about, join us in KC!!


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photo by Julie Klaasmeyer at AD Charlotte 2012